Brest opens new tramway

The 14.3km tramway in the French seaport of Brest in Brittany was opened on 23 June with a ceremony at Esplanade des Français Libres at 10.45, and three days of free rides. The population of 142 000 has been without trams since 1944, when allied bombardment destroyed much of the city’s infrastructure. The current project was approved in 2004, with an estimated cost of EUR 300M, and work started on 6 July 2009. The line runs from south-west to north-east via the city centre, linking Port de Plouzané and Porte de Guipavas, with a short branch at the north-east end to Porte de Gouesnou. 20 Alstom Citadis have been purchased for EUR 42.6M as part of a joint order with Dijon. The tramway operator is Keolis, providing service from 05.30 (08.00 on Sundays) to 00.30 with trams every 5-8 minutes during the day. The final cost of the project was EUR 383M and a second line is planned by 2020 from Gare SNCF to Hôpital Cavale or Lambézellec.

The new Brest tramway passes the Town Hall. In the foreground a point has already been in stalled for the future line 2 to Gare SNCF.
Source: lrta

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