Kharkiv Subway officially went into operation on 23/08/1975. Kharkov Subway is second only to Kyiv by the length of lines and number of stations in Ukraine. By the time of its construction and commissioning, Kharkiv metro ranked sixth in the former Soviet Union and second in the Ukraine. The official website of the Kharkiv Subway is
Currently, the city of Kharkov Subway consists of three lines: Kholodnogorsko-Zavodskaya line, Saltovskaya line and Alekseevskaya line. The total length of subway lines Kharkov is over 35.5 km. Each year, Kharkiv subway carries around 300 million people.
Kharkiv subway opens at 5:30 am and closes at midnight. During “rush hour” the interval between trains is 2-3 minutes, in the afternoon 5-10 minutes, and late at night you can wait over 10 minutes, so pay attention when switching trains. Movement of trains on the longest-Holodnogorsko-Zavodskaya branch takes about 45 minutes. The end-station to the center can be reached, on average, in 20-25 minutes.
The fare is 8 UAH. The terms of use are posted in subway cars and lobbies, and there are circuit lines allowing you to select the optimal path.

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