Trolleybus in Kharkov

Trolleybuses in Kharkov are sometimes more convenient than the subway (for example, when traveling short distances, or if you want to see the city). If you do not know the route, it is better to seek assistance from the conductor and passengers. A ticket on the trolleybus is 6 UAN and it is more convenient to buy it directly in the cabin from the conductor, and you can also buy monthly tickets which are sold in kiosks and at bus stops. Typically, at each stop, signs are at intervals of traffic, but they are not always respected. Trolleybuses in Kharkov starts at 5:00 a.m. and ends at 24:00, but do not stay away too long because in some areas of the city you can only go by taxi after 21:00.
There are 24 routes:
1 Marshala Zhukova metro station-28 district
2 Zhukovskogo av.-Gorky Park-University-Lenina av.-Pobedy av.
3 12 April st.-Geroev Stalingrada av.-Odesskaya -Center
5 Airport-Odesskaya-Center
6 Osnova r/s-Odesskaya-Center
7 12 April st.-Moskovskiy av.-Eastern
11 Dzyby av.-Postysheva av.-Center
12 Rudika st.-Sokolniki-23 August st.
13 Victory Square metro station-Moskovskiy av.-Park Zustrich
18 Hospital 4-Derevyanko st.-Gosprom
19 602 district-Barabashovo market-Odesskaya
20 602 district-Barabashova-Moskovsiy av. metro station
24 Barabashova metro station-50 years VLKSM-602 district
25 Marshala Zhukova metro station-Tankopiya st.-Bogdan Khmelnitskiy boulevard
27 Dzyby av.-Postysheva av.-Novy Byt st.
31 North Saltovka-Barabashova market-Moskovsiy av. metro station
34 Karavan market-East Saltovka 35 Odesskaya-Barabashova market-North Saltovka
36 Maselskogo metro station-12 April st.
40 Gorky Park-Derevyanko st.-Pobedy av. (on workdays)
42 Karavan market-North Saltovka
45 12 April st.-Zubareva st.
46 12 April st.-Gorizont

47 Geroev Truda metro station-North Saltovka