С 16 мая до завершения работ трамваи не будут ходить от 15-й больницы до ст. м. "Киевская" в связи с ремонтом путей по ул. Веринской, Бестужева и Семиградскому въезду.
Маршрут 16 следует: РК Салтовская - Героев Труда - ул. Сидора Ковпака - ул. Шевченко - Гидропарк - ул. Шевченко - ул. Сидора Ковпака - ул. Героев Труда - РК Салтовская.
Маршрут 16А и спецподачи 26(22) маршрута - отменены.

C 18 июля по 15 сентября (с 9-00 до 17-00 ежедневно) будет ограничено движение трамваев по ул. Москалёвской от ул. Гольдберовской до ул. Текстильной в связи с ремонтом трамвайных путей. Маршрут №3 изменится: Залютино-Полтавскмий шлях-Южный Вокзал; №7 Южный Вокзал - Большая Панасовская - Рогатинский проезд - Клочковская - Пр. Победы/М.Даниловка; С 1 июня до завершения работ по реконструкции трамвайного пути по пл.Павловской, пл.Сергиевской, пл. Конституции, ул. Полтавский шлях (от ул. Конева до Сергиевской пл.), Московскому пр.(от пл. Восстания до пл. Павловской), ул. Университетской и ул. Грековской не будут ходить трамваи.
Маршрут 3 следует через ул. Москалевскую и ул. Конева.
Маршруты 5 и 6 отменены

Движение трамваев по пр. Тракторостроителей, на участке от ул. Героев Труда до Салтовского шоссе, будет запрещено с 5:00 30 июня до 20:00 13 июля из-за ремонта трамвайных путей по пр. Тракторостроителей. Трамваи №23 и №26 изменят свои маршруты так: №23: РК «Юго-Восточный» - пр. Московский - пр. Тракторостроителей - Салтовское шоссе - РК «602 м/р»; №26: РК «Лесопарк» (РК «Парк им. Горького») - ул. Веснина - ул. Матюшенко - ул. Шевченко - ул. Героев Труда - пр. Тракторостроителей - РК «Салтовский»; трамвай №26 (спецподача) - не курсирует.

EVO1 prototype tram now taking passengers

February 7th, 2016

A prototype tram is being tested in Prague. EVO1 began passengerless testing over the summer and as of the start of February has been taking passengers on limited lines.
Passenger testing had previously been announced for October, but was delayed. Подробнее »

Tram needs to be planned in its entirety, says minister

July 14th, 2015

Luxembourg Infrastructure Minister François Bausch has defended a decision to issue a call for tender for the full tram route even though MPs have only greenlighted the first stretch between the central station and Luxexpo.
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Alstom opens line 2 of the Citadis tramway in Le Mans

September 15th, 2014

Alstom is opening the second tram line with greater Le Mans council in the presence of Jean-Claude Boulard, mayor of Le Mans and president of Le Mans Métropole, and François Papin, Site Managing Director of La Rochelle. The network is growing from 15.4 km to 19 km and the Citadis fleet is expanding from 26 to 34 trams. The eight new trams were ordered in 2012 to reinforce the service on line 1 and to operate on line 2.

Thirty metres long, the Le Mans Citadis trams already carry more than 48,000 people a day. Bringing the eight extra trams into line with the regulations on passengers with reduced mobility and making them more accessible required some major modifications: some seats have been widened, buzzers have been added to the doors, a flashing display and an intercom have been placed next to the exit and the handrails have been improved.

The Le Mans urban transport service SETRAM has also upgraded the 26 trams already in service on the network according to processes defined and deployed by Alstom, which provided logistics and parts. The city of Le Mans now has a fleet of 34 modern trams adapted to the specific needs of people with reduced mobility.

ALSTOM : delivers the first Gulf region tramway to Dubai

January 10th, 2014

Alstom has delivered the first of the 11 Citadis trams to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai (UAE). These trams will be in service on the Al Sufouh Road, the first tram line in the Gulf region. The new 10-km line is due to open by the end of 2014. It includes 11 air-conditioned stations and connects destinations such as the Burj Al Arab Hotel area, Dubai Media City, the Marina and the metro. In a second project phase, the line is planned to be extended up to 14.7 km.

Alstom is responsible for the design, integration and supply of this turnkey tramway project, which includes: the supply of Citadis trams, track laying, signalling (using Alstom’s Urbalis CBTC1), communications systems, integrated operation control centre, platform screen doors and ticketing system. Alstom will also be responsible for the maintenance of the transport system for a period of 13 years2.

Mattar Al Tayer, the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of RTA, said “Now that Alstom has conducted the initial systems tests on the tram in their facilities in France, we are starting technical tests on the depot’s rails and test runs on the line. All operational aspects will be continuously assessed until the line opens.”

The Dubai Citadis tram is 44 metres long and can carry up to 408 passengers in “Gold”, “Silver”, and “Women & Children” classes. It offers high-end comfort, “infotainment” solutions, enhanced communications and security systems both within the stations and on-board the trams. The main features of the tram’s fine design are its diamond-shaped front nose, and its external livery which evokes the sand dunes of the Emirate. Dubai’s tram is the first tram to run exclusively on APS3 and also the first with tropicalised next-generation equipment adapted to the extreme weather conditions of the Gulf, including temperatures above 50° C, high humidity and sand.

The trams for the city of Dubai are designed and assembled at Alstom’s La Rochelle plant in France.

Invercargill tram back on the rails

May 17th, 2013

Did you know . . . continuing the tram theme from last week . . . two Invercargill trams are preserved at Ferrymead in Christchurch.

They are Tram 5, which entered service in 1912, and Tram 15, dating from 1921. The 10 original trams travelled an average of one million miles each.

After the war, new buses arrived and the end for the trams was approaching. Invercargill’s last trams ran on September 10, 1952, with New Zealand’s last trams, the Wellington ones, ending their service on May 2, 1964.

Regrettably, none of the Invercargill trams were preserved as a museum piece, but Number 15 is now ready to hit the rails, thanks to the dedicated team of restorers at the Tramway Historical Society at Ferrymead.

Southland’s longest sentence could be the legal description of Invercargill’s boundaries, which appeared in the Gazette on October 8, 1981.
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Alstom finalizes Ottawa 
LRT contract

February 17th, 2013

Alstom Transport has finalized a contract to provide 34 light rail vehicles and 30 years of maintenance services to the Rideau Transit Group (RTG) consortium that was selected to design, build, finance, and maintain the first line of the C$2.1 billion Ottawa Light Rapid Transit (OLRT) system, the Confederation Line.

Alstom’s portion of the contract is worth approximately US$534 million.

“The new Citadis Spirit that Alstom is launching in the North American market will have many features that accommodate Ottawa’s particular needs,” Alstom said. “Designed in a high capacity version, it will be able to operate in extreme winter conditions. It will also benefit from a top speed of 65 mph, reducing travel time between suburban areas and the City Center. Like all Alstom trams, it will have full low-floor accessibility and onboard bicycle storage.” Alstom will build the vehicles in the U.S. at its Hornell, N.Y., plant and conduct final assembly in Ottawa.

Ottawa’s 7.75-mile OLRT system will provide service to the city’s downtown area via 13 stations and a 1.5-mile tunnel. Construction will start in the next few months and the system is expected to enter full service in the spring of 2018.
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